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Starting your dream business can be hard, slow and risky. Notwithstanding the overwhelming stuff required to create a successful enterprise, building a product that people want can be costly. Of course you can quit. But to build something successful can be a real deal-breaker and worth all the[...]

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21 Oct 2018, 07:28:14 AM

  Get your startup investment-ready in four months by joining the largest accelerator program in Southeast Asia.[...]

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21 Oct 2018, 06:52:00 AM

Here is a checklist of basic points to consider before dipping in with a start-up. Just by following the checklist would ensure your steps in setting up your business and your good standing in driving them.   1. Have it incorporated. File the necessary papers and requirements. Accomplish all the legal requirements for the legal protection of your own assets and the security of the entity of your business. Build[...]

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21 Oct 2018, 04:58:37 AM

When a person is young, asking questions frequently is interpreted as sign of intelligence. In the subject of Mental Hygiene, it is considered healthy for a person to ask himself some questions to assess and address his own concerns.   This is also true for the leaders in terms of leadership concerns. In the series of lists of traits of effective leaders, asking oneself is always included. This is because asking oneself provides[...]

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21 Oct 2018, 04:58:36 AM

The world got introduced to the term “start-up” when scrappy young ventures from the pool of entrepreneurs in gen X sprang in various industries, more particularly to the hip tech companies. In its general concept, start-up is a state of mind to describe businesses being in the amateur state that feel the challenge to prove themselves in terms of business rankings and problem solving. But success is not guaranteed in start-up. Some observers say[...]

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21 Oct 2018, 04:58:34 AM

A healthy and sustained team culture would mean a successful operation of the company. Poor team culture would lead to undedicated and less productive staff. A strong team culture promises better results, employees’ satisfaction, and better working environment. Here are the four ways to build a better team culture:   Aligned values. In putting people to key positions, choose not those with advance skills but[...]

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21 Oct 2018, 04:58:33 AM