How to manage a team effectively

21 Oct 2018, 04:58:33 AM

A healthy and sustained team culture would mean a successful operation of the company. Poor team culture would lead to undedicated and less productive staff. A strong team culture promises better results, employees’ satisfaction, and better working environment. Here are the four ways to build a better team culture:


Aligned values. In putting people to key positions, choose not those with advance skills but with the same values as yours. Aligned values ensure smooth working relationship, as you know what you like to implement within the team.


Putting people who have different values in life will only lead to contradictions and misunderstanding. It is also a waste of time as you will replace the person eventually.


Instill core values to your people. Orient well your team to the core values that the company is operating into. Make them understand why those values are important to the team.


Once they instilled within them the core values, you can rely on them that they will function based on those core values, particularly in decision-making and other crucial tasks.


Consider ideas from your team. Sometimes the best ideas did not come from the business leaders, but those who are working and experiencing first hand how the system works.


You might be surprise with the brilliant ideas that your staff may suggest that would answer some of the critical situation. It is simply because their perception and reception are different from those of the executives.


Assess the team culture condition frequently. The moment you think that your team culture is doing well could, in fact, be the moment that the team culture is weak. It might surprise you that one of your favorite staff would suddenly quit when all the while you thought he was happy with the team.


Ask feedback from employees pertaining to their views about the current team culture. This will give you answer to adjust some things in order to strengthen your team culture.


By doing these, you will reap the benefits of the productive staff who believes in your company’s team culture.




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