How to improve your presentation skills

21 Oct 2018, 04:58:33 AM

Like any other talent, public speaking is something that is not innate to everyone. But if you were in a field where part of your job is to present ideas or give privilege speech in front of massive audience, it would mean the need to improve your public speaking skills. We all avoid being boring in times like this because, heck, what’s the purpose of our presentation if no one will pay attention?


Ease butterflies in your stomach by following these seven simple ways to help you prepare when speaking in public and presenting:


  1. Design the talk to audience you have . Your audience are mostly teenagers? Don’t treat them like your colleague, they will never understand a thing you are presenting. Talk simple.


  1. Do not be a robot. Chances are you might feel like one if you deliver your speech through memorization. Instead, get the gist of your topic and deliver to them with empathy and sympathy.


  1. Add visual aid. This is an effective tool to take away the attention of your audience from you and pay attention to what you are trying to convey to them. They can understand better the message with illustrations or related graphics.


  1. Insert anecdotes. Telling a relatable story to audience sparks their interest. They can have better picture in their head how certain ideas can be executed through concrete situations.


  1. Make your slides simple. Heavily designed or overly written content in slides will make your audience feel they are being bombarded with information that is too much for them to handle. Information can be conveyed through oral presentation, not everything must be on your slides.


  1. Critic your own previous presentation. Watch your previous presentation and observed which gestures and mannerisms that are distracting that should be eliminate. Practice giving presentation without those gestures and mannerisms.


  1. Make your presentation interactive. Engage your audience by asking them questions that they can answer. Ask openly what they have learned about your presentation. This way you can assess if you were able to convey the message effectively or not.


Just by following these simple steps can already save you from becoming the nightmare of every public speaker – being boring.


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