How to Build a Startup : Basic Checklist

21 Oct 2018, 04:58:37 AM

Here is a checklist of basic points to consider before dipping in with a start-up. Just by following the checklist would ensure your steps in setting up your business and your good standing in driving them.


1. Have it incorporated. File the necessary papers and requirements. Accomplish all the legal requirements for the legal protection of your own assets and the security of the entity of your business. Build a reliable founding team so you will get best advice and proper guidance for your company.


2. Prepare your executive summary. Included here are the key areas and sales pitch of your business in a whole paragraph


3. Idea pitch. This is usually consists of 3-sentence description of idea for your business. Memorized it by heart so you can state it anytime your start-up pitch is needed.


4. Prepare business plan in multimedia formats. Have one for PowerPoint, then one for Pretzi, and one for KeyNote. You will never know when they will come in handy.


5. Launch a website for your company. Just like you, people are curious about the company and the kind of brand you will be offering to them. Having a website is a one-stop method for the public to know everything about your company.


6. Count branding in. The brand of the company will be its identity. It’s your nameplate. So choose appropriate logo, color scheme, intellectual designs that will work for your company.


7. Keep your financial documents properly attended. Financial documents can be chaotic, but it can be resolved if the financial documents will be filed and sorted systematically even on the initial phase of your business.


8. Prepare your business plan. This is the overall manifesto for your business. In times of crisis, this manifesto can be an asset to potential financial aid.



Once you have checked all of these, be confident in having your start-up a go.

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