5 Questions Great Leaders Ask Themselves

21 Oct 2018, 04:58:36 AM

When a person is young, asking questions frequently is interpreted as sign of intelligence. In the subject of Mental Hygiene, it is considered healthy for a person to ask himself some questions to assess and address his own concerns.


This is also true for the leaders in terms of leadership concerns. In the series of lists of traits of effective leaders, asking oneself is always included. This is because asking oneself provides opportunity for him to reflect and assess his performance and set his goals further.


A list of frequently asked questions by effective leaders for themselves follows:


1. How did I perform today? This question opens his recollections of thoughts about his performance in work for the day. When he answered it positively, he is most likely pleased and contented. When he answered it negatively, he usually challenges himself to perform better the next day.


2. What have I accomplished today? This is mentally checking the list of tasks stored in your memory for the day. This is also opens opportunity for him to reflect about how certain task should have done for better result.


3. Have I offended anyone? Good leaders are those who can empathize with their followers. Just merely asking this question to himself is already a sign of having empathy within him. A good leader takes good care of his follower and he makes up for those he had done with misgivings.


4. Have I been kind today? Often, effective leaders are generous people. They always tend to share with others the fortune they are enjoying among themselves. It does not often mean financial abundance. Imparting virtues, values, and principles are just some intangibles that effective leaders share to inspire followers.


5. What am I grateful for today? Each day is unique to everyone. Bad days or good days, good leaders always observe gratitude because they know how important it is to feel appreciated. They have the habit to count the good things they were able to encounter for the day. They also appreciate the lessons that brought out by bad experiences. Aside from deep assessment of self, asking questions and answering them also give opportunity to the leader to enhance memory and retention.


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