How to Manage Your Time and Eliminate Distractions

15 Nov 2018, 12:43:37 AM

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your time wasted by unnecessary distractions. But most of distractions are, in fact, come from our own working habits and attitude. External distractions coming from other people are sometimes inevitable and share a very low percentage from the total cause of distractions.


Here are some tips to avoid distractions and manage your time effectively:


1. Cut your connection to the Internet. The Internet per se is not the cause, but it is your attitude of abusing time in surfing the web that is. From accessing social media to reading online news, these are guaranteed time-stealer. The solution here is to schedule your Internet activities. You can allot 1 hour in reading the news before office hours. During work, do not open your browser, as this is the portal that will lead you to thousands of entertaining content that are feasting on the social media. Better yet, take off your Internet cable if the temptation of seeing your browser is really high. You may also install special software that block distracting websites during your office hours.


2. Don’t respond to mails too often. Emails are essential at work. This is where we communicate various players in our work and answering them is vital. However, designate a certain time when you can answer all the Emails to you. This can be between after lunch before resuming work, depends on your preferred time.


3. Organize your desk. Just when you thought you will have a good day to begin working and suddenly you will see your desk with stack full of unfiled papers, unwashed mug and plates from yesterday, that good vibe just evaporated. So make it a daily basis to clean your desk and file the documents to improve your working mood.


4. Turn your mobile phone off. Your mobile phone is a big distraction, you use it to call, text, surf the internet, use apps, instant messaging. Thus, the more activities that will be coming from your mobile phone, the more distraction it will create. This can be resolved by turning you phone in silent mode while working. Better yet, turn that thing off.


5. Close your door. Closing your door during office hours will discourage people who casually stopping by for a small talk. If you happen to share the work office with someone else, use headphones to send message to others that you must not be interrupted.


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