KFC Lip Smacking Chicken
Akash Pradeep Shrimali
21 Oct 2018, 04:58:38 AM

Its possible to be zenith of career at Old age too. Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC was struggling in his mid life and career. He went through all the struggles of life and tried million times to startup however, he failed every-time. Start-ups are always an idea which needs its spread to masses through a medium. Even in ancient times, people brought about positive change to world and intelligent generations are always obliged to them. Start-up ideas can be one way of immortality which involves executing and spread in a manner never done in history. It is important to let ideas flow, overcome a hard life problem and bring about solution through that particular idea. The entire philosophy is based to improve class of living, fill generational gaps and become an entrepreneur responsible for growth side of humanity. The voices needs platforms like millionDC which make them loud and clear. if not now; then when? If not here; then where? if not you; then who ?

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